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Neons Without Backing Board

  • Neons Without Backing Board

Neon’s don’t need to be limited to just a neon on a backing board. Mix it up and have elements of all types of signs to suit your requirements. We are able to offer the supply of neon only, for projects where no backing panel or acrylic case is required for the neon sign, or where clients wish to source their own backing panel.

Neon has long been used as a truly vibrant source of illumination for signage all over the world. It is not always apparent that neon is being used in a sign. Built-up letters are one example of this. Neon gives smooth, bright and reliable illumination to built-up metal letters with acrylic faces or for a stunning halo effect. LEDs are being used quite widely for this purpose but people are returning to neon because LEDs simply do not have the brilliance and range of colours.

Internal neon signs that are more than 100W of illumination, and most external neon signs will require specialist installation. We are able to supply the neon pre-assembled into a case or onto a panel if required, and supply the transformers separately. Our tubes are made in-house giving us complete control over production and delivery times. As a company we are completely flexible, in fact, if you have an urgent project or repair we can often turn a job around in the time our competitors take to do the paperwork.

Promotional neon window signs, ‘OPEN’ signs, event neons and window borders are real attention grabbers and give a sense of a special and exciting presence that will bring life to your space. At Signs4sa, the custom sign-making process begins with you, the client. That's the best way we know to make sure that the signage you get is the signage you need and want at a price that fits your budget. Process of Signage

If you need a timeless sign that really stands out and draws in the wanted attention of the people, nothing can beat a neon sign! Let your imagination run wild and have your say with the way you would love your neon sign to shine.

Signs4sa’s designers can also provide you with some inspiration to help you bring your vision to life.

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