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Promotional flags are easily portable and can be used for promoting a business’s grand opening, a new product or service, special event or a sporting event. The flags can be designed for indoor and outdoor use. This is a cost-effective method as the flag system can be used for many other promotions as it only requires you to change the marketing message.

They are a versatile mode of self-advertisement. Advertising flags are a great way to get people’s attention and gain potential customers. They work well because they can include your company’s logo and basic information, which can help potential customers understand what your business is all about.

Custom-made flags are one of the most efficient methods of advertising. They can be put up just about anywhere for either indoor or outdoor use. Flags can be used as Pole Flags, buntings for car and house sales and at various other events. Flags can also be used for pavements advertising such as the Telescopic flags and back-pack flags.

Good Flag designs make an attractive presentation that captures the attention of your target audience. You want to be able to get the most attention that will get your brand’s name on people’s minds.

Flags are portable and are less restricted in the sense that you can place them anywhere. Portable promotion flags do not require a permanent fixture to hold it in place.

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Best Signage Types

Best Signage Type Categories

Our team is especially geared to towards corporates, where adherence to CI, is of paramount importance. We specialise in Franchise signage, and also provide rental solutions for Signage.

Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Banners allow brands to print designs which, will attract attention and promote their produce. Teardrop Banners have a convincing visual impact on all who walk past them. Teardrop banners grab the attention of possible customers, are inexpensive

LED Backlit

Backlit Lettering signs are a popular form of indoor or outdoor signage that highlights the presence of company or brand.

Twin-Pole Mount Pylons

A double pole structure can provide advantages for the engineering of your structure in large sign applications. Greater prominence and “between pole” sign mounts also offer a balanced and grounded aesthetic for your structure....

Channel Lettering

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter can be any letter, number, or other character that, when combined with other like characters, makes up a sign presentation.

Neons With Backing Board

Neon and neon LED flex signs must be attached or mounted to something. We offer several types of mounting and display options for your pieces. We can attach units directly to various materials (wooden panels, acrylic, mirror, etc).

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