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Non illuminated Channel Letters are exactly what the name implies; individual letters that are not internally illuminated. Non illuminated Signage is a more cost-effective option for organizations.Cut-out embossed letters are elements that can suit different uses. They can be decorative, bold or informative.

Built up letters are usually used as a way of displaying your business name on external walls, shop frontage or above reception areas. The letters of your business name are cut out individually to create a sleek 3D effect. This is an option where planning or logistical restrictions prevent illuminated signage, however, they are still an effective and affordable way of branding your business.

We provide custom sign letters at affordable prices. With virtually limitless capabilities in our shop and strong attention to detail, we can outfit any kind of organization with a beautiful custom sign for any budget. Each customer’s idea and design is cut per order and given life through acrylic sign letter, metal sign letters, wooden sign letters, foam sheet sign letters and acp sheet sign letters with accompanying logos and unique shapes.We can cut lettering and logos of any size and these can be fixed or hanging.

Non-illuminated individual letters can be made from a metal, plastic, wood, foam, or a variety of other materials. They are typically machine routed or water-jet cut and either flush-mounted or pin-mounted to a wall.

If you’re in the market for non-illuminated signs that draw customers to your business, look no further. Integrated Signs prioritizes quality, which is why we use the best-of-the-best in terms of machinery and material. No matter what vision you have for your unique sign, we can make it happen.

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