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Neons With Backing Board

  • Neons With Backing Board

Neons With Backing is still considered to be the best commercial lighting system on the market when it comes to brightness, energy-efficiency, durability and environmental impact. We offer the best quality and the most durable cheap neon signage or cheap neon lights in Gauteng, South Africa

Neon and neon LED flex signs must be attached or mounted to something. We offer several types of mounting and display options for your pieces. We can attach units directly to various materials (wooden panels, acrylic, mirror, etc). They can also be mounted inside of a clear box, or have a glass frame built around them. Several methods of mounting also allow us to hide the power supplies from view, leaving the electrical component of your piece minimal and clean if desired.


Freestanding Acrylic Boxed Neon

  • The neon is placed in between transparent sheets of polished acrylic with a heavy base that allows you to stand the unit on a table or shelf for display, this method also hides the power supply.

Wooden Panel

  • Units are mounted directly to the front side of a lipped wooden panel. All wiring and power supplies are hidden behind the piece, leaving the power cord as the only exposed electrical component.

Acrylic Backing

  • In this method the neon units are mounted to a sheet of polished acrylic which can then be hung from a wall. Colored or opaque acrylics such as black are used to visually frame the neon,  and to capture the reflection of the neon placed on top of it, creating even more of a glow. With opaque acrylic you also have the benefit of hiding the electrical components as all wires and power supplies can be hidden behind the plastic. Clear acrylic can also be used to group multiple neon units into one piece. This backing appears virtually invisible, and this method allows for easier movement of a piece as opposed to detaching separate units that have been mounted directly to a wall.

Mirror Backing

  • This style of mounting is very similar to using colored acrylic, it creates an extra glow but with an even sharper reflection of your neon units. The attachment of the neon to the mirror is also an aesthetic bonus as you use glass rods that bring a slick feel to the entire piece.

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