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LED Backlit

  • LED Backlit

LED Backlit Lettering signs are a popular form of indoor or outdoor signage that highlights the presence of company or brand. LED Backlit signs provide an element of interest and visual excitement to your sign and office space. Our backlit signs are illuminated with low-voltage, state-of-the-art LED lights. Typically, these lights are white but you can also use RGB colored lights and dial into an exact color from the spectrum for a striking effect.

Cut-Out Backlit Lettering are high-profile, professional-looking and easy to read. They are also referred to as 3-D or three dimensional letter signs. They are used by many retail businesses, restaurants, medical and professional offices and institutions incorporating their logos in the sign to reinforce their brand image.

Channel letters are internally illuminated (backlit), easy to read in the day or night and upscale in appearance. They allow for creativity in presenting the business brand to effectively draw the attention of potential customers.

The two primary categories of backlit channel letters are face lit and halo lit. Face lit channel letters are those letters in which the light from within the letter comes through the front face. Signs that have individual colored letters visible at night are face-lit. Halo lit or reverse lit letters are those letters in which the characters are dark at night but have a glow that forms an outline, or halo, effect.

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