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Twin-Pole Mount Pylons

  • Twin-Pole Mount Pylons

Twin-Pole Mount Pylons is a double pole structure can provide advantages for the engineering of your structure in large sign applications. Greater prominence and “between pole” sign mounts also offer a balanced and grounded aesthetic for your structure.

This type type of Pylon has double poles to increase the rigidity and resilience of the sign, but sometimes the aesthetics of symmetry are the reason you choose to make your pylon sign a twin-pole instead of a single as Double-pole structures provide greater stability for larger sign applications. Some marketers, of course, simply prefer the look of twin poles instead of one for the design of their pylon signs!

Twin-Pole Mount Pylons  is another common structure for pylon signs would be the twin-pole mount, which looks similar to a single-pole design but provides greater stability and rigidity, since the sign is mounted on two posts rather than just one. Twin-pole mounts are best used with larger signs

Some say two is always better than one. Well, in the world of pylon signs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, two poles provide greater rigidity and added strength, but some marketers just prefer the symmetry of a two-pole design. We can’t blame them!

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