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Multi-Tenant Pylons

  • Multi-Tenant Pylons

Multi-Tenant Pylons are large freestanding signs with multiple signage sections typically built for Shopping Centers, Malls, Offices Buildings, or other buildings with more than one tenant requiring signage. We can design, manufacture and provide installation, bringing to life the design that features and enhances your property or development.

These Multi-Tenant Pylons signs not only serve as landmarks that can really set your property apart, but they also are a great selling point for potential business owners looking for retail space with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. Even better, these signs can pay for themselves over the years, as it is common practice to lease panels out for a long term revenue stream.

Adding your business’s logo to a well maintained multi-tenant pylon sign will give your business great exposure. Installing a tenant panel is a relatively minor expence for the returns you will receive with the exposure gained.

Multi-Tenant Pylons is the gateway to your business and the first impression visitors see when approaching your site. A pylon sign offers high impact visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business. Our custom Pylon signs are all produced us.

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