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Neon Signage

British chemists discovered neon gas in 1898. Four years later, a French engineer named Georges Claude filled and sealed a glass tube filled with the gas, creating the first neon lamp. Claude developed a process to produce industrial quantities of neon.

Neon signs are made of long, narrow glass tubes that can be bent in a variety of shapes to letters or designs. Inside the tubes, a gas such as neon or argon is kept at low pressure. Metal electrodes are attached to each end of the tube. When high voltage is applied, it begins a chemical process that causes the gas to emit light. Neon emits red light. Other gases emit other colours.

The first commercial neon sign was sold to a Paris barbershop owner in 1921, and the American neon age flickered to life in 1923 when Claude sold two large neon signs to a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles.

Neon signs soon began to dominate outdoor advertising. The vibrant displays of red lighting captivated the public and were dubbed "liquid fire."

Neon is still considered to be the best commercial lighting system on the market when it comes to brightness, energy-efficiency, durability and environmental impact. We offer the best quality and the most durable cheap neon signage or cheap neon lights in Gauteng, South Africa

Unfortunately, with the recent rise of other light sources such as LED and fiber optics, neon has been under attack.

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